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Twelve Mavens is a Community of Entrepreneurs and CEOs

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The business world has changed

It used to be that you could actually make a 5 year plan.

A new movement of CEOs and entrepreneurs from different (non-competing) companies have joined together to create a new confidential think tank and sounding board made up of like-minded risk takers.

They all leverage each other’s past experiences, ideas, and connections so they can get more focused, get better at hiring, design a better culture, fund their growth better, get more organized, delegate better, and grow their companies.

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Who we are

Twelve Mavens brings together the most driven, growth minded entrepreneurs and CEOs on the planet to help and support each as they continuously level up both their businesses and their quality of life as entrepreneurs.

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Members benefit from an array of resources...

Roundtable Group

Be a part of a confidential think tank and sounding boardthat's made up of like-minded risk takers. When you're part of a high levelroundtable group, you're supported by peers who help you answer the criticalquestion "what don't I see?"

Event Access

Attend extraordinary LIVE interactive events just for members throughout the year in addition to your roundtable meetings. You’ll be learning from some of the world’s top experts on the topics that have the greatest direct impact to your business.


Twelve Mavens membership grants you access to a private directory of our CEO members across the country. It’s like a high level, private VIP version of LinkedIn exclusively made up of other fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs and closed off to the general public.


Our monthly meetings are just one aspect of 12 Mavens membership. Our passion and obsession is arming entrepreneurs with as many resources and unfair advantages as humanly possible. The Resource Center arms you with courses, tools, videos and workbooks that help you build a growing business that can run with or without you.

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What our members are saying

"It caught me off guard how many powerhouse CEOs are in here."

Josh Downing

"The most valuable thing we've done for our company is join Twelve Mavens. Owning a business is extremely difficult, and you need all the support you can get. I have no idea where we would be without Twelve Mavens"

brad himel

"Jeff and the leadership team at Twelve Mavens are awesome at leading discussions and pulling out ideas and thoughts and helping the CEOs of the group solve issues and come up with strategic thought."

chriss spires