How it Works

When you join the other entrepreneurs and CEOs in our community, you not only gain the outside perspective of a confidential think tank, you become a part of something much bigger. As a member of the Twelve Mavens community, you tap into a private network of high level business leaders, you get access to incredible live events, you'll have access to 24/7 communication and connectivity with other CEOs, and access to resources, information and new tools that will completely transform your experience of life as an entrepreneur.

Members get...

roundtable group

Review employee safety best practices, identify and overcome the most common challenges using Safety Officer and Workplace.

Be a part of a confidential think tank and sounding board that's made up of like-minded risk takers. When you're part of a high level roundtable group, you're supported by peers who help you answer the critical question "what don't I see?"

monthly meetings

  •   Monthly, confidential, in-person CEO Roundtable meetings
  •   Can’t make a meeting? Join another group’s meeting as a guest, send in a substitute on your behalf or sit in on one of our other groups' virtual meetings around the country.

group chat

  •   Private CEO Roundtable group chat. You’ll have the power of your entire CEO group with you at all times right in your pocket, any time you need them.

events access

Review employee safety best practices, identify and overcome the most common challenges using Safety Officer and Workplace.

In addition to your monthly CEO Roundtable meetings, you’ll get lots of other opportunities to learn the kinds of business lessons that you can apply for the rest of your life as an entrepreneur.

live online
interactive events

  •   Live online interactive events with the top experts in the world in areas like hiring, improving culture, raising capital, productivity, marketing and on and on. Ask them any questions you want from anywhere you happen to be.

private $10k talks

  •   Hear our private $10K Talks where members share something actionable, and repeatable that they’ve already tested and found to be worth at least $10,000. In many cases, the strategies they share have literally been worth hundreds of thousands and even millions. Not theories or things they’re thinking about trying, but have already worked. Just our monthly $10K Talks alone are worth over $120,000 in ideas to model and implement.

'plan the attack' event

  •   2 Tickets to Plan the Attack event along with the legendary VIP FOOD AND WINE Reception afterward.

ask anything

  •   Ask the world's top experts any questions you want them to answer for you, in our real time, live and interactive masterclasses.Guests experts include NY Times best selling authors, CEOs, and other thought leaders who answer your questions for you - right on the spot!


Review employee safety best practices, identify and overcome the most common challenges using Safety Officer and Workplace.

Twelve Mavens membership grants you access to a private directory of our CEO members across the country. It’s like a high level, private VIP version of LinkedIn exclusively made up of other fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs and closed off to the general public.


Review employee safety best practices, identify and overcome the most common challenges using Safety Officer and Workplace.

Our monthly meetings are just one aspect of 12 Mavens membership. Our passion and obsession is arming entrepreneurs with as many resources and unfair advantages as humanly possible.


  •   Interviews of highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and other experts
  •   Archived past events on demand
  •  Misc Other Videos


  •   Free access to Audible. Not only will you have CEOs suggesting the best audio books to you in your meetings, you can even start listening to them for free as soon as you’d like!


  •   Discover the latest and greatest tools available for entrepreneurs in our searchable , curated collection of tools for you to explore.
      Monthly interviews picking the brains of highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and experts sent directly to you.


  •   Access to courses like Operation Time Freedom, the online course focusing on how to free up more time so you can transition from running your business to owning it. It’s 8 solid weeks of transforming your time management, improving your productivity, putting automation in place, getting better at delegating and outsourcing. Just Operation Time Freedom alone is a $3,000 value - included with your membership
       Other courses we’ve made available for our members include courses on leveraging executive     assistants more effectively, to hiring more effectively, to turnarounds and other courses added throughout the year.

Experience it
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step 1

Schedule a Call

We'll have a confidential conversation to tell you more about it, and more importantly, to learn more about you, your business and what kinds of things you're wanting to get out of it.

step 2

Strategic Growth Accelerator 

We'll schedule a private 1 on 1 Zoom meeting to uncover your top objectives, biggest obstacles and frustrations so we can see specifically how you'll get the most value out of this. Before you even come to a first meeting.

step 3

attend a first meeting

We'll pull back the curtain and let you fully experience an actual full group meeting with the other CEO members to see if a good fit is there.

step 4

become a part of it

By the end of your first meeting, assuming it's a good fit, you'll become a member and will get immediate access into the community and events, tools, courses, private chat and other resources.

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