No matter how hard we try to answer everything, you may still have a few questions.
These are the most common questions we receive from potential members:

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We believe in extreme accountability. Your commitment is month-to-month. It us up to us to create an environment where your time and money are honored with extreme value and connection.

Who can become a member of a Twelve Mavens round table?

As a by-invitation-only community of business leaders, participants are vetted in such a way to ensure that they are the right fit for the group.

Membership consists of CEO’s, Founders, and Owners who come from non-competing industries (and will exclude customers or vendors that you currently do business with) in order to create an environment conducive to complete transparency.

What if I  miss a meeting?

We believe in leveraging technology to further enhance your experience. If you can't make it to a meeting, you can sign-up for a Virtual Group Meeting using Zoom. These meetings are normally shorter in duration because we are not eating lunch through the session. They follow the same format as our normal meeting.

How frequently do the groups meet?

These are half-day virtual meetings are conducted once a month. The meetings normally occur during the second FULL week of each month.

While the MasterMind group meeting is at the core of 12 Mavens, we also offer other on-demand leadership and business training each month - above and beyond the training at the meeting.

What are the terms of a Twelve Mavens meeting?

There is no long-term membership contract (removing the risk of a long-term commitment) and no annual fees. Membership dues are paid month-by-month. Members can opt-out at any time with a written 30-day notice.

How many participants do you allow per group?

Twelve Mavens round tables are limited to 12 participants to ensure maximum opportunity for engagement.

What sets Twelve Mavens apart from other CEO peer groups?

Twelve Mavens round tables differ from other CEO peer groups in that they seek to return to the original grit of an Andrew Carnegie-Style MasterMind (as detailed in the writings of Napoleon Hill.)

Twelve Mavens has also developed a suite of proprietary tools and training that extends the reach beyond the monthly meetings to create deep connections that spur sharing and innovation. You are not alone.

How do you protect confidentiality within the group?

All participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the sensitive content of the group's discussions. It is at the heart of the confidence to share openly and honestly. We take it very seriously.

Is this a networking or marketing hub like BNI?

No. We are not a networking or hub marketing group. Though your network will grow by at least 12 new contacts, 12 Mavens is a completely different animal! Our purpose is to leverage the collective experience, education, and creativity of high performing leaders to help solve each other's most pressing business challenges. We are not here to pass referrals.

Although when you build trust with people you like and know, you are happy to share resources. We have seen Members collaborate on projects where everyone wins.

How can I  attend a Twelve Mavens round table?

For those who would like to explore a 12 Mavens round table for themselves, there is an option to attend a first meeting for a nominal cost of $50, pending a preliminary interview with the group chairman. If you are interested, apply for membership.