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The Halpin Companies help companies achieve their most ambitious business goals, even in these turbulent times, by getting every single person in your organization pulling together on the Board, with both the Executive and Management teams and with teams at all levels.  The Halpin Companies was formed in 1995 to fill a void Katharine saw every day in her CPA career.  Leaders were focused more on the legal and financial aspects of growing their organizations than the people aspects.  Leaders and managers often lose momentum because of the distraction and disruptions caused by 'people issues'.  Katharine fixes these.

Katharine is a Principal in ExecHQ, an Advisory Firm of C-Suite executive advisors with extensive experience delivering beneficial solutions related to complex business problems to CEOs, business owners, Private Equity firms and venture capital firms on an as-needed basis.  ExecHQ has over 130 Advisors in the US, Canada, Europe, and India.