Frequently Asked Question

Still thinking about applying for membership to Twelve Mavens? Here are answers to the most common questions we get:

What if I miss a meeting?

We know that business owners are the busiest people on the planet. That’s exactly why they do this! If you ever can’t make your group’s meeting, you can sit in with another group on a different day and meet even more fellow members. For our monthly Ask Anything events, we’ll send you the replay and archive it for you to watch when you get a chance.

How frequently do the groups meet?

The roundtable groups meet once a month.

In addition, we offer on-demand leadership and business training each month—above and beyond the training at the meeting.

What are the terms of a Twelve Mavens meeting?

Membership dues are paid month-by-month. Members can opt out at any time with a written 30-day notice.

What sets Twelve Mavens apart from other CEO peer groups?

Twelve Mavens has developed a suite of proprietary tools and training that extends the reach beyond the monthly meetings, creating deep connections that spur sharing and innovation. You are not alone. This is beyond strategic advisory, beyond coaching, beyond a masterclass, beyond consulting or high-level training… this is ALL of them for LESS than the price of ANY of them!

Is this a networking or marketing hub?

No, we are not a networking or hub marketing group. Twelve Mavens is a completely different animal! Our purpose is to leverage the collective experience, education, and creativity of high-performing leaders to help solve each other's most pressing business challenges. Your network will grow by at least 12 new contacts.

The intent of Twelve Mavens is not to generate leads for yourself, but obviously, when the other CEOs in your group get to know you, like you, and trust you, it can become a healthy side effect. We have seen Members share resources and collaborate on projects where everyone wins. 

How can I attend a Twelve Mavens round table?

For those who would like to explore a Twelve Mavens round table for themselves, there is an option to attend the first meeting with a full 100% refund if you don’t feel like you got value out of it. There is zero risk to giving it a try. If you are interested, apply for membership.

(CTA) As a member of the Twelve Mavens community, you will tap into a private network of high-level business leaders and gain access to incredible live events, resources, information, and new tools that will completely transform your life as an entrepreneur. Schedule a call (button)