Ask Anything on Sales (Closing more sales, more predictably, increasing prices)

March 20, 2024 at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST

As of 2024, Troy Harrison has trained salespeople from 23 different countries on two different continents.  He’s worked with principals of companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.  That’s why they call him the “Sales Navigator” – he helps clients all over the world navigate the Elements of Selling on their journey to success.  More than that, he keeps his clients current with the rapidly changing world of sales.

HIs work is based on more than 33 years of excelling as an award-winning sales rep, a champion sales manager, and an in-demand speaker, trainer, and consultant working from coast to coast. The author of “Sell Like You Mean It – Outselling Your Competitors By Understanding Your Customers” and “The Pocket Sales Manager,” he believes that successful selling is built on a foundation of strong focus on customer needs, respect for customers’ intelligence, and a willingness to create positive outcomes for everyone the salesperson encounters.

Thousands of professionals worldwide have read and benefited from his books, “Sell Like You Mean It!” (an Axiom Business Book of the Year nominee) and “The Pocket Sales Manager,” and hundreds of thousands of people across multiple industries read his monthly articles in 20 different trade magazines.

Prior to opening Troy Harrison and Associates, Troy was a top salesperson and sales manager for over fifteen years, and has turned around territories and entire sales forces. While working for a national managed services provider, he turned one of the company’s worst sales forces into a two-time consecutive National Champion, with six President’s Club salesperson awards and two National Champion Sales Manager awards.