Why Twelve Mavens?

The Business World Has Changed

A new movement of CEOs and entrepreneurs from different (non-competing) companies have joined together to create a new confidential think tank and sounding board made up of like-minded risk takers.

They all leverage each other’s past experiences, ideas, and connections so they can get more focused, get better at hiring, design a better culture, fund their growth better, get more organized, delegate better, and grow their companies.

So what exactly is Twelve Mavens?

12 Mavens is how smart entrepreneurs and CEOs answer the question "What don’t I see?"

100% of all business owners and CEOs have blindspots.

The best golfers in the world can’t see their own backswing.

As part of this community of entrepreneurs and CEOs, you’ll be able to exchange ideas and strategies, make critical connections and gain resources from some of the most brilliant, successful business minds in the world.

12 Mavens is not a life preserver, it’s a battleship for destroying your competition.

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"12 Mavens members have gone on to become Inc. 500 companies, they've experienced over 7,000% growth, given TED Talks, and their companies have become among the fastest growing companies in the world. Find out how the CEOs in our community leverage the support of their peers in every way imaginable from raising capital, all the way to the their life changing exits and every stage in-between."

jeff davis,
chairmain & founder

Benefits of a CEO Roundtable

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men in history publicly attributed his entire fortune to being in his “mastermind alliance” of about 15 people who he met with and exchanged ideas with regularly.

Fortune 500 companies understand the necessity and importance of putting together a board to help navigate an organization, but for some reason, most business owners and CEOs struggle through important decisions alone without outside counsel usually paying the price financially, emotionally and ultimately physically.

What if a similar group to Carnegie’s mastermind alliance existed today and what if you could leverage it too?

That’s exactly what we’ve put together.

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